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Frozen Pork Front Feet

Freezing Type


Country of origin




Cut type

Long cut


Polyblock and then in carton

Storage temp.

-18 C

Approved for

HK, Vietnam, EU Countries

Shelf life

12 months

AAA grade:
•Cleaned from residual hair remains
•100% with tendon
•White skin
•0% broken bones
•Well cleaned and fresh
•No bruises
•Moisture less than 3%
•No black pads or ammonia burns
•No bad smells
•No excessive blood or blood stains

Packing details

Pork Front Feets are being packed in standardized 10 kg cartons according to your needs. One feet weights approximately 450 g. In one carton there are approximately 20-22 feets. In whole 40ft container there are more than 50 000 feets.

Goods are packed in containers

Goods are packed in polyblock, carton and finally in container without pallets to maximize the loading capacity.