Product and food safety is a top priority and we make sure our products meet mandatory safety standards.
We also require vendors to test our products at even stricter levels and take special care with children’s products and today’s to make sure everything is safe.
We expect our vendors to use good manufacturing practices and require them to test products at third-party labs.

We protect our guests and public health by assessing hundreds of vendor facilities that produce brand foods to meet regulatory
guidelines and food safety, quality and nutrition and labeling standards.
We continually monitor the safety and quality of our food products by evaluating them at the vendor’s facility,
at our stores and through feedback we receive from our guests. Learn more about our food safety and quality assurance tools and processes.

We have tools and processes in place to ensure product safety and quality at every stage of production. Before production starts,
we audit the factory and meet with the vendor and manufacturer. We require vendors to test brand products at third-party laboratories throughout production.
A product must pass all testing before it’s approved for shipment.

If we learn about a problem with one of our products, we investigate and, when necessary, quickly remove it from our stores and website.
To ensure recalled products aren’t sold, we issue a lock on the item number at the cash register and online.
We also follow up by phone with any guest who used a RED card to purchase a recalled product.
You will always find up-to-date recall information link open in a new window posted on in-store kiosks and at our website.